Angel Crystal Kit - Spirit Jewel
Angel Crystal Kit - Spirit Jewel

Angel Crystal Kit

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This celestial Angel Crystal Kit is made up of 5 heavenly healing stones that will enhance your connection to Consciousness and your spirit guides. These beautiful angel crystals have a very high vibration and will help to strengthen your connection with yourself and your intuition. Choose this healing crystal set to open your third eye and crown chakra during meditations, keep the mind clear and focused, and enhance your psychic abilities.

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Included in your crystal kit are five ethically-sourced healing crystals along with a handy Spirit Jewel pouch and crystal kit guide explaining:

  • How to use your crystal kit
  • How to cleanse your healing crystals
  • Detailed explanation of crystal meanings
  • Daily positive affirmations to use with your crystals

Angelite Tumblestone
A stone to strengthen connection with the Angelic realm, this pale-blue beauty is the perfect choice for enhancing telepathic communication. With its calming energy, it heightens perception and attunes your vibration, increasing clairvoyant abilities. Use Angelite to unblock energy meridians and stimulate the higher chakras, opening up communication with both the spirit and physical world.

Celestite Tumblestone
Celestite with its heavenly blue-white appearance holds a high spiritual vibration. A New Age crystal, its divine energies assist in strengthening and trusting intuition. Reach for this ethereal gem to kick start spiritual development and stimulate clairvoyant gifts whilst simultaneously healing the aura. Allow its truth revealing properties to assist you in receiving messages from the Angels.

Selenite Tumblestone
Selenite's powerful cleansing properties make this crystal an essential choice for grounding and transformation. A high vibrational gemstone, Selenite enhances energy flow and releases mental, physical and spiritual blockages. As well as channelling the Moon's purifying energies, this gem stimulates the Crown Chakra, connecting you to higher realms of Angelic consciousness.

Amethyst Tumblestone
Third eye awakening Amethyst is a powerfully spiritual stone that boosts psychic abilities and intuition. This purple gem heightens your energy by removing fear, sadness and anxieties, allowing the body and higher chakras to realign. Don’t forget to keep this crystal close whilst meditating; it’s known to enhance higher states of consciousness, helping to keep the mind clear and focused.

Clear Quartz Tumblestone
A master healer and essential in every crystal collection, Clear Quartz amplifies the healing properties in other crystals too. Choose this gem to attune you to your spiritual purpose, enhance your psychic abilities and bring you closer to the spirit world. This special stone unblocks and regulates your energy flow, bringing the body back into balance and harmony.

Crystal Information
Please note...
 as crystals are natural materials sourced from mother nature, each one is unique; therefore, they might vary slightly in colour and size. Also, just a friendly reminder that any stone's properties or the "healing" attributed to them should never be seen as an alternative to professional medical or psychological treatment. 

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