Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet
Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet
Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet
Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet
Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet

Anxiety Gemstone Bracelet

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The calming anxiety gemstone bracelet has been created using a combination of powerful, energy-boosting crystals known for their mystical healing properties. You’ll find Amethyst, Rutilated Quartz, Labradorite and Blue Lace Agate with an added Clear Quartz power crystal that will amplify the healing energies in every other gemstone. Wearing this anxiety bracelet will remove fears, insecurities, previous pain, and sorrow. It calms an overactive mind dissolving stress, anxiety, and illusions.

△ Each beautiful bracelet is handmade in the UK with A grade 6mm gemstones, high-quality sterling silver beads, threaded onto a strong elastic cord.

△ We cleanse every one of our gemstone bracelets before they reach you, using the purifying smoke of Palo Santo to restore the gemstones to their highest vibration.

△ Bracelets will arrive in an eco-friendly Spirit Jewel gift bag with your very own gemstone bracelet mini-booklet. You’ll find a description of each gemstone’s healing properties, positive affirmations and a quick cleansing guide.

△ Choose from five different lengths: XS, S, M, L, XL
For help with bracelet sizing visit our size-guide page or contact us for custom sizes.

Amethyst is an empowering spiritual stone used to calm an overactive mind and balance out emotional highs and lows. The soothing effect of this vibrant, purple gemstone helps to remove fear, sadness, and dispel anxiety, returning the body to its tranquil state. Amethyst can ease insomnia, headaches, and relieve tension. It cleanses the aura and transmutes negative energy.

Rutilated Quartz stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is known as the seat of all emotions. It targets the root cause of problems, removing low vibrational energy from the body. Dark moods are alleviated along with fears, phobias, and anxieties. Self-hatred is transmuted into unconditional love, and forgiveness is encouraged, helping to release the past.

Labradorite is known for its powerful transformation and protective properties. This mystical, iridescent crystal provides a strong protective field around the body, deflecting unwanted, negative energies from the aura. It removes fears and insecurities, previous pain, and sorrow. It calms an overactive mind dissolving stress, anxiety, and illusions.

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone that emits soft, calm, and cooling energy. It attunes the throat chakra, helping to express repressed thoughts and feelings, releasing them from the body to restore peace and calmness. This tranquil, blue stone soothes anxieties and the fear of being judged. It dissolves old, negative thought patterns into new healthy ones.

Please note... as gemstones are natural materials sourced from mother nature, each one is unique; therefore, they might vary slightly in colour and size. Also, just a friendly reminder that any stone's properties or the "healing" attributed to them should never be seen as an alternative to professional medical or psychological treatment. 

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