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Ethically Made

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Spirit Jewel is a collection of unique, yoga-style spiritual jewellery that radiates positive energy and speaks to the soul. It was especially created to heal, protect and bring positivity while always looking beautiful. Always ethically made jewellery, it’s perfect for you if you’re a free-thinker that loves beautifully crafted, spiritual pieces for your own, unique journey. Spirit Jewel is a meaningful brand for true individuals giving you the freedom of expression that you want!



Our jewellery is handmade by wonderful, talented people in the UK and overseas. We strongly believe in equality so each person involved in creating the magic of Spirit Jewel is paid fairly and has a safe, clean and comfortable environment to work in where they create all of our gorgeous products for you.


Yes it's true we love animals just like you so Spirit Jewel’s sustainable jewellery is always 100% cruelty free & we’re vegan friendly! We couldn't live with ourselves if any harm came to any person or animal in the making of our precious jewels. Within our collections you'll find ethically made jewellery crafted out of faux leather, nylon & cotton cord, no animal based products whatsoever! 



We believe in environmentally friendly jewellery packaging so we only use recycled card and we even use eco-friendly glue. We want to preserve our planet & save trees, so our Jewellery will always be safely packaged in sustainable materials.