Chakra Crystal Healing Bracelet


Necklace Size guide

Grab a Ruler...
Then, cut a piece of string or mark it with a pen to your preferred length (let’s use 18” as an example!). Drape the string around your neck to see if you like the length and choose your Spirit Jewel necklace. Remember, chain lengths vary depending on neck size but this is really a great way to work out the necklace length you want!



Remember, we try and make sure our photographs are as accurate as possible but sometimes, images of jewellery aren’t reliable when estimating the size of pendants and the weights of the chains. That’s why some images make the jewellery look bigger or smaller. So, we put all the sizing information in the product descriptions, just to make it easier for you.


If you don’t have any measuring tape, you can use a piece of string and carefully wrap it around your wrist. Use a pen to mark where the end of the string meets the beginning and measure it against a ruler. Add 1cm to 2cm to the total length depending on how tight/loose you’d like your bracelet to sit on your wrist. Choose from 5 different sizes, or contact us for a custom fit.


Our rings come in three different sizes. Are you a small, medium or large? See details below to find your perfect fit!

Small Ring Size - 16.44mm

Small Rings

UK SIZE (L), US SIZE (6), EU SIZE (51 1/2)

Medium Rings Size - 17.3mm

Medium Rings

UK SIZE (N), US SIZE (7), EU SIZE (54)

Small Ring Size - 18.2mm

Large Rings

UK SIZE (P 1/2), US SIZE (8), EU SIZE (56 1/2)