Angelite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

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Personalised Jewellery
Choose a sterling silver gemstone bracelet with healing energies that speak to you, and customise something totally unique with a spiritual symbol, meaningful word, or special initials. It's the ideal personalised gift!
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Discover the ethereal allure of our Silver Angelite Gemstone Bracelet, a stunning accessory that embodies the captivating essence of Angelite. This pale-blue gemstone is a gateway to profound spiritual connections and enhanced communication with angelic realms. Crafted with care, this bracelet encapsulates not only the beauty of Angelite but also its calming energy, making it an essential addition to your collection for achieving tranquillity, clarity, and spiritual growth.

Angelite Crystal Properties

Angelicย Connection
Experience the divine presence of Angelite as it facilitates seamless communication with angelic and spiritual realms. This gemstone is believed to serve as a bridge, enabling you to receive messages, guidance, and insights from higher dimensions. Wear it as a talisman for attuning yourself to the celestial frequencies.

Unleash the power of honest and clear communication with the assistance of Angelite. As you wear this bracelet, experience an enhancement in your ability to express yourself authentically and transparently, fostering deeper connections with those around you.

Energetic Shielding
Explore the realm of psychic protection and energetic shielding with Angelite. This gemstone is believed to create a protective barrier against negative energies and influences, allowing you to navigate the ethereal realms with confidence and security.

Spiritual Growth
Embark on a profound journey of spiritual growth with our Silver Angelite Gemstone Bracelet. This pale-blue beauty acts as a conduit, strengthening your connection with the angelic realm. By enhancing telepathic communication, Angelite elevates your perception and attunes your vibration, granting you heightened clairvoyant abilities. Unblock energy meridians and stimulate higher chakras as you open channels of communication between the spirit and physical worlds.

Calming &ย Soothing
Embrace the soothing energy of Angelite as it gently washes away anxiety and stress, fostering an environment of inner peace. Allow its serene aura to envelop you, providing respite from the chaos of everyday life.

Compassion &ย Empathy
Enrich your heart with compassion and empathy through the nurturing energy of Angelite. This gemstone encourages you to extend kindness to both yourself and others, deepening your understanding of the human experience.

Included with your bracelet...

Our beautiful Healing Bracelets feature 6mm gemstone beads & come in 3 sizes!

Small (16cm/6.29")
Medium (18cm/7.08")
Large (20cm/7.87")

Choosing your size
No measuring tape? No problem! Wrap a piece of string around your wrist, mark where the end meets the beginning, and measure it against a ruler. Add 1cm for a comfortable fit, or 2cm for it to hang loose on your wrist.

Not finding the right fit? Reach out; we can customise one smaller/larger especially for you!

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