Anxiety Crystal Kit - Spirit Jewel
Anxiety Crystal Kit - Spirit Jewel
Anxiety Crystal Kit - Spirit Jewel
Anxiety Crystal Kit - Spirit Jewel
Anxiety Crystal Kit - Spirit Jewel

Anxiety Crystal Kit

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Our Anxiety Crystal Kit is infused with high vibrational tumblestones that will offer you support and healing whenever you need it. Featuring the best crystals for anxiety, these beautiful healing crystals have a range of potent properties, from their ability to calm an overactive mind to cleansing and restoring alignment to the body. Soak up the powerful energies in this healing crystal set by holding the anxiety crystals during meditations and daily affirmations, placing them around your home or workspace, or keeping them close while you go about your day.

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Included in your crystal kit are five ethically-sourced healing crystals along with a handy Spirit Jewel pouch and crystal kit guide explaining:

  • How to use your crystal kit
  • How to cleanse your healing crystals
  • Detailed explanation of crystal meanings
  • Daily positive affirmations to use with your crystals

Amethyst Tumblestone
This much loved gem has potent properties for stabilising moods. Whether emotional highs and lows or an overactive mind, trust Amethyst's calming energy to restore the body back to its natural state. A powerful alchemist; this crystal cleanses the aura, easing feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression. Call on this empowering stone for help with insomnia, headaches and tension.

Labradorite Tumblestone
The gemstone for dreamers, mystical and iridescent Labradorite is a powerful stone for transformation. Known for its strong and protective energy, this crystal creates a shield around the body, steering negative energies away from the aura. This unique gem boosts positive mentality whilst also dissolving fears, stress, anxiety, and illusions.

Blue Lace Agate Tumblestone
Calming Blue Lace Agate will align your body with peace and harmony. A wonderful tool for the Throat Chakra, this beautiful blue stone is great for self-expression and helps to release suppressed emotions. You can rely on Blue Lace Agate’s soothing energy to transform old, negative thought patterns into new ones and balance feelings of judgement and anxiety.

Citrine Tumblestone
The super cleansing power of Citrine balances all the chakras, but especially the Solar Plexus. Whether you want to ease anxiety symptoms or absorb negative energy, it’s the perfect crystal to have at hand. As a powerful attractor, Citrine can bring more creativity, prosperity and success. It’s a great choice for boosting confidence, self-esteem and all-round optimism.

Clear Quartz Tumblestone
A powerful, energy transforming crystal that brings the whole body back into alignment. This enchanting, clear gemstone stimulates the Crown Chakra; it's an attunement crystal that cleanses and enhances the body to help remove obsessive, unhelpful, anxious thoughts that negatively impact self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence.

Crystal Information
Please note...
 as crystals are natural materials sourced from mother nature, each one is unique; therefore, they might vary slightly in colour and size. Also, just a friendly reminder that any stone's properties or the "healing" attributed to them should never be seen as an alternative to professional medical or psychological treatment. 

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