Garnet Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

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Personalised Jewellery
Choose a sterling silver gemstone bracelet with healing energies that speak to you, and customise something totally unique with a spiritual symbol, meaningful word, or special initials. It's the ideal personalised gift!
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Feel the grounding energies of our Garnet Crystal Bracelet – a harmonious fusion of beauty and healing. Crafted with meticulous care, it introduces an infusion of heightened energy, passion, and love, enveloping you in its nurturing shield. Embrace the empowering essence of Garnet as you embark on a journey towards passion, energy, and holistic well-being.

Garnet Crystal Properties

Vitality & Energy
Begin a journey of renewed vitality as Garnet infuses your being with energy. This captivating gemstone is believed to elevate your energy levels, awakening your senses and rekindling your zest for life.

Ignite Passions
Enhance your inner fire with Garnet's passionate energy. Unlock motivation, drive, and a renewed sense of purpose as you engage in your pursuits with unwavering determination.

Embrace the grounding energy of Garnet as it anchors you to the Earth's vital energies. Feel a profound sense of stability and connection, empowering you to gracefully navigate life's challenges.

Love & Devotion
Garnet is often celebrated as a stone of love and devotion. Allow its gentle energy to envelop you in a warm embrace, cultivating feelings of affection and connection with both yourself and others.

Spiritual Renewal
Experience the potent regeneration properties of Garnet as it promotes both physical and spiritual renewal. Let go of stagnation and invite a vibrant sense of revitalisation into your life's journey.

Holistic Health
Recognised as the Stone of Ultimate Health, Garnet is renowned for its capacity to promote good health and balance within the body. Its protective aura harmonises the body's energies and cleanses the chakras, cultivating a state of harmonious flow.

Fertility & Pregnancy
For those seeking fertility and a serene pregnancy journey, Garnet's protective and balancing qualities extend a comforting embrace during this cherished time.

Included with your bracelet...

Our beautiful Healing Bracelets feature 6mm gemstone beads & come in 3 sizes!

Small (16cm/6.29")
Medium (18cm/7.08")
Large (20cm/7.87")

Choosing your size
No measuring tape? No problem! Wrap a piece of string around your wrist, mark where the end meets the beginning, and measure it against a ruler. Add 1cm for a comfortable fit, or 2cm for it to hang loose on your wrist.

Not finding the right fit? Reach out; we can customise one smaller/larger especially for you!