Heartache & Love Bracelet
Heartache & Love Bracelet
Heartache & Love Bracelet

Heartache & Love Bracelet

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This loving healing bracelet will strengthen unconditional love and inner strength. Perfect for enhancing your own self-love or supporting you with attracting romantic love and healthy relationships, these love crystals offer a high vibration that restores balance, increases joy and opens the Heart Chakra. Created with 5 different crystals for love, the powerful combination of Rose Quartz, Morganite, Chrysocolla and Lepidolite will help to heal painful heartache and work with your energy field to enhance the vibration of love.

This gemstone bracelet can be used alongside practising positive affirmations for love, increasing the energetic vibrations around the words. Precious rose quartz crystals will purify and enhance the energy around attracting new love and strengthening that connection with yourself.

Looking for some crystals to use in different ways too? You might be interested in our Love Crystal Kit and Love Worry Stone - especially good if you're feeling anxious in your love life. 

  • Vegan-friendly & handmade in the UK
  • Beautiful, ethically sourced gemstones
  • A powerful mix of 5 different healing crystals
  • 925 sterling silver beads & strong elastic cord
  • Gemstone & daily positive affirmations guide
  • Charged on Selenite to boost healing properties
  • Cleansed with Palo Santo before despatch

Rose Quartz
This pale pink goddess is here to bestow unconditional love and healing upon the wearer. Believed to be a gift from Cupid and Eros, this precious stone opens the heart chakra and heals painful wounds of heartache and loss. Radiating self-love, Rose Quartz is a powerful, purifying crystal that enhances the energy for attracting new romantic love and healthy relationships.

Nurturing Lepidolite is a profound healer of the heart, encouraging deeply connected, harmonious relationships. This beautiful tranquil stone is perfect for balancing emotions and opens your heart to love. Giving support and healing intense emotional trauma and stress, this calming crystal will offer a vibration that eases excessive worry, anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

A powerful heart chakra stone, beautiful Morganite is a compassionate crystal that gently clears away emotional shock and wounds after traumatic, heart-breaking events. This supportive stone provides powerful and loving healing that transforms high emotions and any co-dependency issues. Lean on Morganite to stimulate, activate and unblock the Heart Chakra.

With its dreamy hues, Enchanting Chrysocolla is the perfect crystal to call on for healing heartache and building inner strength. Wear this stone to restore calm and balance to your world and increase joy. When situations are up in the air, or there’s healing to be done, this striking gem will support you, increasing your capacity to love and calming any mental tension.

Power Crystal
No bracelet is complete without our power crystal; Clear Quartz! It’s well known as a master healer, amplifying the healing properties in every other crystal we use. This stone aligns all seven chakras of your energy field, offering balance and harmony to your whole body. With its striking, clear appearance, it’s a powerful choice to support any ailment or condition.

Choose from five different lengths: XS, S, M, L, XL 
For help with bracelet sizing visit our size-guide page or contact us for custom sizes.

Made using strong elastic cord and 925 sterling silver beads.

Gemstone Disclaimer
Please note...
 as gemstones are natural materials sourced from mother nature, each one is unique; therefore, they might vary slightly in colour and size. Also, just a friendly reminder that any stone's properties or the "healing" attributed to them should never be seen as an alternative to professional medical or psychological treatment. 

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Gemstone Bracelets

These gorgeous healing gemstone bracelets are handmade in the UK using a powerful combination of potent energy-boosting crystals! Each gemstone has been hand-selected for its divine beauty and unique mystical healing properties.

Healing Bracelets
Charged with

Selenite, the ultimate charger, is a self-charging crystal that not only charges other crystals but also magnifies and boosts their healing properties! This is why we charge all of our gemstone bracelets on Selenite before we cleanse and ship them out to you! 

Cleansed with
Palo Santo

Cleansing rituals are a must for healing jewellery! We use the beautifully aromatic sacred smoke of Palo Santo to restore each gemstone to its highest vibration.